About us

Untitled-1IB WORLD was Founded in 2014 as an SEO, outbound marketing and data entry Company,  IB WORLD is a rapidly gaining the reputation as a highly-respected, full-service Company providing various services to small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses to suit their requirements.

There are two structures to the way in which the business operates:

SEO and the outbound marketing model is operated predominantly by utilising the services of our business partners based in Asia who help service the business needs of our clients by fulfilling their requirements. IB plays the role of what can be described as a “broker”, in that the service requirements of our clients in the UK is addressed and serviced by our agents who source the work and are generally rewarded by way of fee sharing. The target market for the business at present is the legal profession in the UK, more particularly law firms who deal with claims for personal injury compensation and also firms who help clients pursue claims against the banks for mis-selling. Income for the business is generated from the firms to whom the services are provided as well as receiving income from third parties, i.e. insurers for tying their services to our products.

The focus in recent months has extended to providing services to Insurance brokers.

IB WORLD other offering to its business customers include business data entry services, data processing services and data conversion services that enable management of critical information with high degree of accuracy, security and effectiveness. The service allows our clients the opportunity to let staff focus on business strategic tasks, rather than time-consuming administrative processes. With our customized data management service, our clients are provided a consistent quality of information at lower costs than what they have incurred in the past. The service is currently in offering and utilized by law firms in the UK with whom we have ongoing relationship. The work is serviced with the help of our in house expertise which includes qualified lawyers who supervise the work undertaken by our team of processors.