Outbound Marketing Services

out-2IB WORLD provides Competitive Outbound marketing services to its customer all around the world from its main hub in Dubai.
IB World Outbound marketing services provides more profitable business to its happy customer’s from Fortune-ranked companies to small and medium-sized businesses we help our customers to improve their sales and return on marketing spend.
IB World Outbound marketing completes the majority of marketing budgets for many businesses and it is efficient for driving leads and sales provides a unique way of adapting and changing marketing trends through strategic outbound marketing services
Here’s what top IT executives had to say about the effectiveness of outbound marketing:

  • 60% said outbound calls or emails have led to an IT vendor’s being evaluated.
  • 75% said they’d decided to attend an event or take an appointment after having received a cold call or email.

IB World is operated predominantly by utilizing the services of our business partners based in Asian countries who help service the business needs of our clients by fulfilling their requirements.
IB World plays the role of what can be described as a “BROKER”.An incredible way to differentiate IB World institution from competitors
The service requirements of IB WORLD clients in the UK is addressed and serviced by IB World agents who source the work and are generally rewarded by way of fee sharing. The target market for the business at present is the legal profession in the UK, more particularly law firms who deal with claims for personal injury compensation and also firms who help clients pursue claims against the banks for Mis-leading the customers.

Profit for the business is generated from the firms to whom the services are provided as well as receiving income from third parties, i.e. insurers for tying their services to our products.
IB World focused and extended to providing services to Insurance brokers too,